Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

The aesthetic dictum has consecrated voluptuous and well-defined lips as an ideal of feminine beauty, thus promoting lip augmentation among non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

The shape, size, contour, and color of the lips are determined by the genetic material of each person, but also by the time factor.

Both the genetic background and the natural temporal factor can be successfully combated by augmenting the lips with hyaluronic acid, a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure by which the filler is injected procedurally into the lips.

Hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable and hyaline substance, a natural polysaccharide, physiological product in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and connective tissue. Once injected, hyaluronic acid reacts with water molecules, allowing the filler to hydrate, strengthen the soft tissue of the lips and provide the much desired appearance.

This technique provides satisfactory results in less than 15 minutes, is pain-free, as the affected area benefits from anesthetic prior to the procedure and significantly improves the shape and volume of the lips.


Lip volume control. The doctor carefully adjusts the volume and concentration of hyaluronic acid needed for the procedure, resulting in a more natural appearance of the lips.

Low risk of allergic reaction. As hyaluronic acid fillers contain a component similar to those of the body, allergic reactions are unlikely.

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