Dermapen 3 is a revolutionary device that uses 12 detachable disposable needle and which through the automatic vibration function performs skin micro-punctures, ensuring patient comfort during the procedure, in order to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

By making micro-incisions in the skin, the skin regeneration function is stimulated, successfully treating fine wrinkles, stretch marks, dilated pores and hyperpigmented spots.

Also, the needle treatment is the most advanced method of treatment of scars resulting from acne, burns or surgery, and can be an alternative to laser treatments or chemical peels.

Dermapen is a non-invasive treatment with no side effects; does not cause burns or damage the skin, allows a very short recovery time (several hours), and the technology used offers access to regions with increased skin sensitivity such as the eyelid region, frontal region, nasal wings or delicate lips.

The procedure lasts about 20 minutes, is very painless and is followed by a mild inflammatory reaction and skin hypersensitivity, effects that withdraw in a maximum of 48 hours. Most patients resume normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

The results are visible from the first treatment, with the effect of skin revitalization obvious and accentuated after 4-6 treatments. The skin continues to improve its appearance in 6-12 months after treatment, based on the use of complementary care products recommended by the specialist.

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