24K Gold Mask

Premiere in Romania: 24K gold mask with immediate glow effect

A smooth and radiant complexion is the standard that guides and aspires to many of the women who already face the appearance of fine wrinkles. The most effective non-invasive method by which you can get the above effects, immediately after application, is now available in Romania through - AClinique.

24K gold mask, close to you, The mask that invigorates your skin inside and out is the result of the collaboration between:

Asist.Univ.Dr. Anca Cobzariu, dermatologist and doctor of medical sciences


Dr. Thiago Freire, doctor of international celebrities, renowned specialist in anti-aging cosmetic medicine and lecturer at the University of Moscow.

”This new treatment comes in response to women looking for fast, intense effects that meet the increasingly demanding needs. The benefits of gold on the skin have been known since antiquity. Specifically, Cleopatra used such a mask during sleep to keep her skin smooth and radiant.”

The immediate effects of the golden mask on your skin The precious metal is appreciated all over the world for its spectacular effects.

- Cells regeneration

- Smoothes fine wrinkles

- It has an immediate facelift effect

- Gives the skin an immediate glow

In addition, 24K gold applied as a facial can be used on all skin types. It has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant role with long-lasting results. Gold filters the sun's rays and conducts the energy the skin needs to look flawless. After application, you can already see the results of the mask and you can include it among the treatments that keep your skin young and vigorous.

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