Chemical peel

Chemical peel is a method of facial rejuvenation, with the role of removing dead cells and stimulating cell regeneration.

Depending on the peculiarities and problems of the skin, the degree of depth and the right substances will be chosen by the doctor. There are 2 types of chemical peels (superficial, medium).

Indications for chemical peel are fine to deep wrinkles, acne, post-acne scars, post-chickenpox scars, freckles and hyperpigmented spots (melasma).

Superficial peels is the mildest and is indicated for sensitive skin, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) - lactic acid and glycolic acid are used. Treats fine wrinkles, hyperpigmented spots, post-acne and post-chickenpox scars.

In the medium peel, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is used, which is indicated in the case of post-acne scars, hyperchromic spots and stretch marks. Significant flaking will appear after the procedure and healing will occur within 6 days.

This procedure must be performed exclusively in surgical rooms, with local anesthesia, and recovery will take place in 10 days.

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