LASER Therapy

LASER treatment (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is an amplification of light by stimulated radiation emission. Specifically, it is about electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 100 nanometers and 2 millimeters. Depending on the intensity of the LASER radiation, both the biological effects and their medical, diagnostic or therapeutic indications vary.

The dose and frequency of treatment can be adjusted to produce the desired effect, and are determined by the physician. Even if the duration is a few minutes, the effect is felt right from the first sessions.

Thus, laser therapy involves the removal of wrinkles, pore reduction, attenuation to disappearance of post-acne scars, post-chickenpox, post-traumatic and significant improvement of skin texture and removal of unsightly venectasis.

The treatment is ideal for anyone looking for a therapeutic option with the lowest possible recovery time for excellent, highly visible and fast results.

During the recovery period, the skin may look red and swollen as after a sunburn, the appearance gradually improving in a few days, as the skin heals.

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